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Interesting concept and you must be getting a lot of customers. A Buck-A-Day
is a hell of a deal. You got me . . . . keep suggesting winners and I will stay
for a long time. Been here about a week and done better than ever before
for lots more dough! Thanks for the great week, keep it up! Doug
It takes lots of customers to work for a Buck-A-Day. DDS

Happy Halloween! $1 is so cheap and I was worried. It has been
several weeks and they have averaged 54%. I recommend the service to
players, small like me or large. I am convinced that they are legit since the
history agrees with the releases. I am happy with the service. What
they say they will do - they do. I am making money and having fun. Bob Kelly
Money is the Name of the Game. DDS

Been playing the picks for three months, through Dollar A Day into Dollar Store
Sports. Yesterday. I had to pay and was upset. But I paid the $3.00, got the 3
Winners and made $150.00. I guess the months of Beta Testing has paid off for them
and me. The song is - "I'M a Believer" - Big Sally's Still Here!
We believe also! We are now in business and look forward to
years of service for you and our many clients. The DSS Team

Nice day, Nevada minus eighteen, an easy winner! I have not been here too long
but am very Impressed. Looked a long time for a reliable, inexpensive, sports
consultant and think I have found one. At least the releases are for real, documented
correctly and affordable for the little guy. Hope to be around for a long time. Vince

Thank You Everyone for the Twitter, Facebook, Email, other comments. We apologize
for any internet problems you may have had. We know our new system has had a few
glitches, but hope they are no longer an issue. On the plus side our traffic and
customers are growing and those that played have made a good profit.
Thank You Again! DDS

I not understand america futbol good but for one dollar I have fun make a little :) Maria Gomez

Very pleased! I am not an experienced sports player so I love the clean
layout and easy understanding of the site. I really appreciate the low
cost. It makes buying good information possible for the little player.
You should try it, I am sure you will like it. Jully Johansen

DDS is really cheap, simple & good: A+ Mike Soroco

Lee Huo So far a good service but not enough games. I like playing more than
one or two games a day. Please pick up the number of plays. Lee Huo
Sorry - We stress quality over quantity. DDS

Thanks, last week was GREAT! 9 straight winners. :) Bob j.

I live in Vegas and never new about Dollar Store Sports, what a find. I
am a light player (20 to 30 bucks) and the price I can afford. I also like
a large selection of games. It lets me fine the game I want. Bobbie S
With clients like you , Bobbie, we will keep our low pricing. The Team

A very solid source for good information. Profitable also. J Johnson

$1 a pick is cheap so I was worried about quality. I have tried 4 weeks.
I thought I was in trouble since they started under 50%. Since then hey have
averaged close to 60%. I know it is not a long time but I will recommend this
service. I am a small player and it is hard to fine an affordable handicapper.
I believe they are legit and their history is accurate. I am very pleased with
the service. Big Sally

I love the cheap price but I really like the transparency of showing the
pick when the game starts. Right when it starts they give you their pick.
They don't wait until the game is over to show their cards. Vegas Jack

Since following dollarstoresports.com I have not only improved my wins with your
selections, but I have also gained a sense of security with an honest handicapping
service. When I am uncertain about my picks I don't play. A buck is not a great
loss. Great Professional Operation. B. Jones

I am new at this so I am glad I found someone I can afford. Made a little, betting a
little and am having a lot of fun. Thank You. Las Vegas Dolly

Small World, Vegas Dolly works with me at Adrenaline Mountain . Quite a
Doll! We have recommended Dollar a Day for some time. It is the best, cheapest,
legitimate sports service I have found. Living in Vegas there are a lot to choose from.
Next time in town visit us for a real thrill or get your thrill winning some games! Eric
Visited your "Adrenaline Rush" and had a great time. Capper@DDS

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